Over the years, our services have become popular to many domestic telecommunications companies thanks to the efficiency and cost-savings. Not only have we repaired thousands of devices for operators every year, but our services have also saved them hundreds of hours and millions of dollars. In 2019, more than fve major network providers in Vietnam used our services to repair a total of 33,000 pieces of equipment of which the successful restoration rate reached over 90%.


Human resources capacity

Suntel comprises of 70 staff with 60% at the university level and above, 50% are experienced and highly quali­ed technicians. Our outstanding personnel are always available to support your business.

Distribution of staff by education

Infrastructure and Technology Capacity

To promote business activity capacity, infrastructure such as office, factory and modern storage have been invested in to meet all demands, requirements and development orientation.

We have invested in modern equipment to meet all the technical needs requested by customers and expedite the product handover process. We guarantee that every requirement and request from customers will be resolved by our modern technology and solution.



Some of our equipments


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